1 of 4: TEMPUS FUGIT, or “Time Flies.” Death as a bartender serving the sand of an hourglass. (Subtle Tarot reference here, with the Nine of Cups. I’m not a tarot type but thought it would be cool to sneak in.) Often found on analog clocks and watches up until the mid-20th century, “Tempus Fugit" reminds the reader to take advantage of the short time we have being alive, and sort of primes the story of the remaining virtues. Representing Autumn, a slow cooling, contemplative, cycle of life season.

For @stvitustulsa —a Blade-Runner-Meets-Cathedral themed venue brought to you by the same people behind @valkyrietulsa. These will are stained glass windows flanking the DJ platform that looks like an oak-paneled and arched PULPIT you guys. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing the four individually. They each came to represent a virtue that’s worth mentioning in regards to the dystopian-religiosity themes of the venue.