Hire Me, KCAI!



Those of you who know me are aware that for ages I’ve been unhealthy-levels of preoccupied with wanting to teach at KCAI. I’ve invested so much heart into learning how to learn, learning how to teach, chasing down old mentors, making questionable professional choices, all with the idea of slowly bending the arc of my life’s trajectory towards 4415 Warwick Blvd.

So it would come as no surprise that I nearly sucked all the air out of the faculty office when Steve Mayse announced some weeks ago that the department would be adding a new full-time faculty member. Of course, I intend to apply.

The Elephant in the Room is that this position as stated in the announcement requires an MFA degree, and I don’t currently possess one. I respect the school’s choice, and will find my MFA somehow, should they allow me to get so far as an interview. I would love to get the opportunity to discuss it with them in person as I apply for this position. The hope is that I can get that far, and that’s where YOU come in. In lieu of having an MFA out of the gate, I’m hoping to start a little grassroots campaign of (hopefully) support to just get me in the door, to let me make a case for myself in person. If I’ve worked with you, you know me professionally or as an artist, if I've have had you as a student, teacher, mentor, or in some other way affected your life in a positive way, please do me this favor of writing in your support via this form. With a small stack of letters from supporters like you, the school may just be willing to give me that chance.

Your letter of support will only be offered as part of my application materials and will be seen by no one else. I will be turning in my application on November 30th, so please do it before then. 

The school will choose it’s best possible candidate this spring, and it will only be good news for the department no matter who they go with. For my part, I know that there will be many very talented people who apply, and that's great! But I feel strongly that there won’t be another candidate who fits as well, understands this place, or most importantly: who wants to be here as much as I do. 



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